Does KNEO help me?

Knee pain is very uncomfortable. The pain can cause general discomfort, which in turn can affect mood. In some cases, the right orthosis can help to significantly alleviate the pain.

However, sometimes a good orthosis like the KNEO knee brace is powerless. In order to convince yourself whether and to what extent KNEO can help with the various pains, there are some special tests that you can carry out yourself at home without any risk.

Before we describe the individual tests here, we would like to point out the four pain zones in the knee. Depending on the origin of the pain, one can speak of medial, lateral, bilateral and retropatellar pain.

The medial pain zone is on the inside of the knee, the lateral on the outside, the both sided one means that pain is felt both inside and outside, or medially and laterally, and the retropatellar pain is to be located behind the kneecap.

Depending on which pain zone is affected, a test can be carried out that simply but surely shows whether and to what extent KNEO can help with the corresponding pain.

Medial relief


In order to be able to perceive the effect that the knee brace has on the inside of the knee in the event of pain, one should lean against a low cupboard or a sofa (see illustration). Stand there for a few minutes and test the effect. Change the side pressure and watch how you are doing.

Lateral relief


To test the effect of KNEO on lateral pain, please clamp a firm pillow or a thick book between your knees to build up pressure from the inside. Here, too, it is important to pay attention to the pain and to stand for a while to feel whether the knee brace can be used to counteract the pain.

Relief on both sides

We are always asked the question of whether bilateral relief can be achieved with KNEO. It must be said clearly that this is unfortunately not the case! However, among the many pain patients we have, there are also those who use the knee brace to relieve the more painful side and thus achieve a general improvement in their situation. These people are very happy.

Retropatellar relief

It is not necessary to take a test for this pain, because if the pain is behind the kneecap, KNEO cannot offer any relief either. Their effectiveness is clearly from the side, the frontal movement is not affected.

The knee brace KNEO in particular offers the wearer many advantages over other orthoses available on the market. It is therefore advisable to carry out this test and to feel and compare the actual relief.

With its high level of comfort and inconspicuousness, it has already convinced many pain patients. By relieving and reducing the feeling of pain, you gain quality of life and can move more freely again.

In addition, KNEO is easy to use and can be worn almost invisibly under clothing. Exercise is particularly helpful for the healing process in gonarthrosis. In this case, the knee brace works twice, because with all its advantages it ensures that you can enjoy the movement again and thus supports the healing process.

Do the self-test and determine the degree of effectiveness and if you want to read more about the function of KNEO, see here (please click).