Adaption to the patient

Selection of the brace size

Selection of the brace sizeThe brace is available in five sizes. These differ in ankle height with the matching side rail length. The total height of the brace should be at least 1 cm shorter than the height of the fibula head measured from the floor (Measure X).


Total height of the brace

2031001-1 L/R30 cm
2031001-2 L/R34 cm
2031001-3 L/R38,5 cm
2031001-4 L/R43 cm
2031001-5 L/R47,5 cm

L = for the left side of the leg · R = for the right side of the leg

For the supply with KNEO the customer needs:

  • Firm, flat and comfortable shoes with a removable insole that offer enough space for an additional insert.
  • Lace-up shoes are recommended for a firm fit!
  • possibly also a second pair of shoes that are suitable for a change.

Take over the positioning and the contour of the orthotic sole from the insole and the patient’s foot and cut out with scissors. The orthotic sole is placed under the insole in the shoe. The foot splint is padded in the shoe with the included foot pad.

Adaptation to the leg:

The brace should follow the contour of the leg. A distance of 1 cm from the ankle is recommended. The corrective force required is adjusted by aligning the leg with a preload in the brace. The required correction force can be checked with a measuring device. At the beginning we recommend a load shift in the knee of ~ 1 cm. When using cabinet hooks, the shrink tube of the lower leg bar can be damaged. In this case, a replacement shrink tube is included.

Setting for the internal and external relief of the knee joint

For medial relief of the knee joint, the orthosis must press against the leg from the outside, for lateral against the inside.

The set pre-tension is checked by holding the brace in front of the lower leg. The pad should be in front of the shin edge.
This corresponds to a load shift of ~ 1 cm.

We recommend supplementing the hook-and-loop fastener with the supplied elastic strap for elastic fixation on the lower leg.

KNEO on right side of right leg
KNEO on left side of right leg